Anyone can enter The Bean Blossom Harmonica Contest - any age, any skill level, and any style of player is welcome. The only requirements are that all those interested in competing must be at the Hippy Hill stage of the Bill Monroe Music Park in Bean Blossom, 5 miles north of Nashville, Indiana on Hwy 135, at 3:00pm on August 29, 2015. They must check in at the Judges' table near the Hippy Hill stage between noon and 3pm that day, and give their name and age. There is no entry fee required, but all contestants 13 and older are required to be paid attendees of the Bean Blossom Blues Fest.


Show-up - Check-in at the Hippy Hill stage at 3:00pm ready to play. Blow-Up - Play your best songs, with all the passion you can muster. Choose songs that best demonstrate your harmonica playing skills. Have fun - This contest was created to give harmonica players an opportunity to share their music with their Bean Blossom buddies. Players might work on something all year just to share it at this contest. There are no losers; everyone who enters adds significantly to the enjoyment of everyone else. It's all about the fun!


1.) Contestants can use any brand or type of harmonica including diatonic, chromatic, tremolo, bass, chord, and octave.

2.) Any musical style is permitted, but all players are required to play some recognizable melody.

3.) Contestants must use the sound system provided; there will be no special microphones or electronic accompaniment permitted.

4.) Contestants will play for no less than 3 minutes, and no more than 5 minutes. Judges will stop contestants at the 5 minute mark. There is no deduction for having to be stopped.

5.) All contestants from all ages and skill levels are welcome.

6.) All contestants must sign-up to enter the contest no later than 3pm Saturday, August 29, 2015. We'll stop accepting contestants at 3pm sharp. To enter the contest, you just click here and give us your name and age. If you are entering as a group, note that. It's best to sign-up now - it's free and there's no obligation to show-up - if you don't show-up, we'll just skip to the next contestant. Some believe it's advantageous to play last so you can see how the competition has performed before you; the first to sign-up shall play last! See the sign-up sheet at the bottom of this page for a listing of contestants and the order in which they will perform. In addition to signing-up online now, you can sign-up between noon and 3pm just before the contest start's at the Judge's Table located at the Hippy Hill Stage where the contest will be held.


2014 Winners


Neil Gordon


Jimmy BB


Bruce Spratling

CONTEST MC - Penny Lane

Penny Lane, radio talk show host with WSVX in Shelbyville, Indiana, is the Master of Ceremonies of the Bean Blossom Harmonica Contest. She is also in charge of any shows, events or seminars that take place at the Hippy Hill Stage of the Bean Blossom Blues Fest. In addition to her job of keeping things running on schedule, Penny brings a spirit of fun and excitement to our contest.


Doc Malone is the manager of the Bean Blossom Harmonica Contest. As the harmonica player for Big Bill Morganfield, Doc brings experience and "harmonica love" to our fun contest. Doc will be a judge, and he will appoint the other judges. He will instruct judges on the scoring system, and make sure the contest is fair. Contestants will be judged on tone, technique, timing, and their ability to render a pleasing melody, but overall entertainment quality will be the most heavily weighted factor.

Hosted by the Harmonica Forum Buddies